Responsibility and hiking behavior 

Notes and disclaimer

Updating information and dealing with the unexpected

The data on this website are periodically verified and all the corresponding features are updated. However, because field conditions change continuously, you may find the path to be in worse or better condition than the one described, or even, after a natural disaster or other major change, find the passage to be impossible. Having in mind the unpredictable character of nature, always bring along the necessary equipment (mobile phone for emergency situations, flashlight, batteries, emergency blanket, a mobile device with a mapping app offering emergency and sharing position services) and keep a safe time margin to be able to cope with an unpleasant surprise.

About nature

This website include geographical positions of rare plants and animals. It is understood that, for reasons of elementary nature protection, the locations indicated are examples of a typical environment of these species and not the actual locations where the species was spotted or photographed. It is obvious that that the responsible hiker does not cut plants, collect samples, and during the stay in the physical site does not cause damage by his action or inactivity. The same applies to the anthropogenic environment: we do not harm property, fences and personal belongings of others. Finally, we believe that in the very common case of abandoned or starving domesticated and farmed animals, the responsible hiker has every right to express the indignation by actions: to inform the authorities and denounce the event.


Weather and other environmental hiking conditions and related services (mobile telephony, GPS reception) can become particularly adverse and potentially dangerous. It is also a given that rescue services, private, voluntary and public, have a limited efficiency in the mountain environment. Thus, the manager of Long Pelion Trail, the owner and administrator of this site, as well as the developers or authors of the hiking application, the map and the field guides are not responsible for any risks, failures, changes or accidents that can occur in the field. The hiker bears full responsibility for his choices and initiatives and must act prudently and with the safety of his team in mind.