Flamouri monastery

The Flamouri monastery

The Flamouri monastery was founded in the second half of 16th century and today it’s fully renovated. Inside its very high fortified quadrangle looms the visitor can see the three-aisled basilica, dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour. The area has many natural springs and it’s very fertile. Today, there are four monks living in the monastery. However it’s one of the very few monasteries which is open even though there is no electricity and access to the main road. Following the tradition of Mt Athos, the access to women is strictly forbidden. However, it can host a few male visitors for a few days. The monastery celebrates on the 6th of August.

Sourvias monastery

The Sourvias monastery

Sourvias monastery is a historical monastery built in the 16th century and it’s dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It’s the place where the first great battle between Thessalians and the Turks was given, in January 1878. After an epic fight and exodus of the rebels, the monastery was set on fire. During the Turkish Occupation, the monk’s residence was open as a print shop serving the secret fighters who were fighting for rebellion.

Nowadays, the monastery belongs to the greater monastery Flamouriou and its renovation is under process.